Hi! I’m Landon X. Jenkins.

I tell stories through colorful characters.

  • “Garg!”


    Animated short film I directed at SCAD. A video game hero finally gets even with his enemy for all the cheap pranks and “Game Overs”!

  • A Small Robot After All

    A Small Robot After All

    Robots of varying sizes watch TV…begrudgingly. Personal project.

  • Pizza


    Silly animatic featuring original characters from my senior film. Part of an ongoing project to expand their world.

  • Mortgage Mermaid and Loan Shark

    Mortgage Mermaid and Loan Shark

    These perpetually cash-strapped mermaids pull crazy schemes to make ends meet! Character designs for a personal project.

  • Krampus


    This snobby theater major dresses up as a Yuletide beast every year to preach against the evils of consumerism. Designed for a class project.

  • Roget


    Roget is a hapless bookworm (literally!) who is obsessed with becoming the best Scrabble player in all of Bug Island.