I make things that are happy, crazy, and wild.

Landon X. Jenkins is a Black, queer artist with a passion for campy cartoons and unforgettable characters. Savvy with tech, visual art, and 2D animation, he’s thrilled to craft stories and experiences that are honest, funny, engaging, and maybe a li’l bonkers!

When he’s not drawing or writing, you can find him taking a daily walk, learning about mental health to write truer stories, or geeking out over retro computers and video games.

When I’m not drawing, writing, or designing, I like…

  • Learning about the world – specifically about human behavior, diversity, and mental health. It helps me understand myself and write truer stories.
  • Learning about and experimenting with computers and software. Old computers and game consoles in particular are fascinating!
  • Playing video games with family and friends.
  • Getting transported to another world via a great game, movie, show, or graphic novel.
  • Going for a daily walk or jog outside to clear my head.