Garg (character)

This goofball gargoyle plays pranks on any sucker who tries to complete his video game.


Animation Guides

Character sheet for Garg.
Garg turnaround

Garg in action!

Responsible for character animation, coloring FX


Originally, Garg was like a playful, dog-like creature, who gives a greedy treasure hunter his just desserts for breaking and entering. My goal was to playfully deconstruct the “heroic treasure hunter” archetype.

Later he became a more timid, tragic character, emphasizing his loneliness. In this version of the story, he genuinely trusts the treasure hunter before being swindled.

As I developed the character of Hunter, Garg returned to his prankster ways, this time as more of a fun, video game boss-type character.

I loved the concept of Garg being the environment, extending from walls and creating ripples in the concrete.

My goals for Garg’s character design:

  • gargoyle
  • physically strong…
  • …but a total goofball
  • vibrant secondary colors complement those of his adversary, Hunter