Animated short film I directed at SCAD. A video game hero finally gets even with his enemy for all the cheap pranks and “Game Overs”!

The film is complete and is currently being submitted to film festivals!

The film premiered at SCAD AnimationFest 2023 and was covered by ScreenRant.

Watch the trailer below:

Behind the scenes…

Character Design

  • Garg (character)

    Garg (character)

    This goofball gargoyle plays pranks on any sucker who tries to complete his video game.

  • Hunter


    A determined hero from some 90s video game…who takes his job just a little too seriously.


  • Animatic for the film’s opening sequence. This early version uses temporary scratch audio.

    Various pieces of additional story art.


Scene 9. Responsible for all character animation. For effects animation, responsible for color only.


Composited in After Effects. Also responsible for background color and texture in Scene 1, and character rig animation in Scene 3.

Visual Development


I love the characters of Hunter and Garg, so I’m expanding their world beyond the short film. Here are some other projects featuring the duo.

  • Pizza


    Silly animatic featuring original characters from my senior film. Part of an ongoing project to expand their world.

  • Spinoff Comic

    Spinoff Comic

    A little peek at what video game villains do behind-the-scenes. Short comic made after “Garg!”