A determined hero from some 90s video game…who takes his job just a little too seriously.

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Hunter in action!

Hunter is always getting pranked by Garg, a mischievous gargoyle who guards the final level of Hunter’s game. This panel is from a comic featuring the two of them.


Originally, Hunter was a greedy treasure hunter (hence the name) who aimed to steal treasure from a playful gargoyle’s ancient temple. My goal was to playfully deconstruct the “heroic treasure hunter” archetype.

I didn’t want to focus on a jerky main character, though.

What if, instead, Hunter was driven by sheer determination to experience the world? What if the end of the level was so beautiful, he’d do anything to see it? And what if Garg was the only one standing in his way?

So, who is Hunter?

  • scrawny, but fiercely determined
  • single-minded, focused
  • resilient – has taken a beating from Garg’s crazy tricks, but doesn’t care–will meet his goal no matter what
  • humble – thinks about his goals, not preoccupied with himself
  • primary colors represent his role as the hero of a classic-styled video game.