Roget is a hapless bookworm (literally!) who is obsessed with becoming the best Scrabble player in all of Bug Island.

“It’s pronounced ‘row-ZHAY!’”

Most millennials pull out their phones in a dull moment; Roget excitedly reaches for his beat-up thesaurus. You can always find him reading it religiously to memorize words and train for the next big game.

While he tries to seem calm, cool, and collected, just try outwitting him at Scrabble. (It’s not hard.) He’ll go from greeting you “Namaste” to ranting at length, throwing his thesaurus out the window, and then quietly sobbing underneath an old table in a fetal position.

When Roget was a kid, his father once told him “second place is first place for losers” after a big spelling bee. He had placed in a close third.