• Garg (character)

    Garg (character)

    This goofball gargoyle plays pranks on any sucker who tries to complete his video game.

  • Hunter


    A determined hero from some 90s video game…who takes his job just a little too seriously.

  • Mortgage Mermaid and Loan Shark

    Mortgage Mermaid and Loan Shark

    These perpetually cash-strapped mermaids pull crazy schemes to make ends meet! Character designs for a personal project.

  • Krampus


    This snobby theater major dresses up as a Yuletide beast every year to preach against the evils of consumerism. Designed for a class project.

  • Roget


    Roget is a hapless bookworm (literally!) who is obsessed with becoming the best Scrabble player in all of Bug Island.